DCI Website Re-launch

Boston, UK – April, 2022

DCI Ltd, Europe’s leading remanufacturer for inkjet cartridges and toner cartridges, have announced the re-launch and re-design of their website, which launches this April.

The Boston-based business, has recognised how much the company has evolved over recent years, and how their website now needs to reflect this.

DCI has designed an exciting new website, where customers will have more information and more scope to engage with us than ever before.

DCI have been working closely alongside web developers for the last few months to re-design, with new content, new imagery and more information. This website is now offering more insight to the business, and gives people the chance to contact us effectively.

Building a new website for DCI ltd is an effective marketing strategy, to turn visitors into prospects by showcasing our vision as a company. Each web page has been carefully redesigned to fit with the brand standards of the company, and this exciting new opportunity helps us to broadcast all the company has to offer.

Phil Sneath, the General Manager of DCI Ltd, has said “It has been an exciting opportunity to be able to redesign our website. We hope to continue to spread information of our efforts and work, as it is important for our customers to know what we do, why we do it and how we do it. Ongoing, we hope customers can use this website effectively to contact us if needed, and to have a better understanding of our practices.”

The new website will feature information on our global activities, our products, our processes, and include information on our Kodak Brand License and the Kodak products we sell.

About DCI

DCI was first established in 1983 and prides itself on being a British manufacturer, boasting a 32,000m² purpose-built production facility in the UK, where all inkjet and toner cartridges are produced under one roof. In the 1980s the company produced typewriter cassettes. It now remanufactures over 1 million ink and toner cartridges each month, covering over 700 different products which are supplied to major retailers and distributors in over 40 countries. Securing complete control over the manufacturing and quality processes has enabled DCI to become the leading remanufacturer in Europe, whilst also heavily investing in research and development.




For media inquiries please contact:

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