DCI Introduce Refurbished Printers

May 10, 2024

Dynamic Cassette International Limited (DCI), with its recycling and refurbishing arm, The Recycling Factory (TRF), announce the expansion of its product offerings with the introduction of the latest sustainable printing products: ‘Refurbished Printers & Copiers’.

Recognising the growing demand for eco-friendly products in an increasingly environmentally-conscious world, TRF offer customers sustainable and affordable printing solutions.

Refurbished printers and copiers are ideal for organisations looking to enhance their corporate sustainability practices and achieve environmental goals.

With the rise of eco-conscious consumers, TRF’s recycled printers help businesses not only reduce costs but also gain a competitive advantage with its remanufactured and refurbished products. Additionally, growing the choice of recyclable printing products supports the effort to minimise waste, reduce carbon footprint and encourage sustainability.

The company’s 4 pillars of sustainability ‘Reuse, Refurbish, Remanufacture and Recycle’ reinforce the brands core value in sustainability and ensure every step of its manufacturing process is recycled.

With in-house production and engineers, all recycling procedures are performed under one roof and delivered directly from TRF’s UK production facility. To further strengthen TRF’s position in sustainability, all internal and external packaging for the recycled printers are FSC certified and recyclable.

Showcasing the new product line at the London Stationery Show from May 14th to 15th, 2024, where we will also feature Kodak remanufactured ink and toner cartridges and photo paper. We are proud and excited to introduce these refurbished printers and copiers as part of our commitment to reducing waste and promoting a circular economy.